IPSA - industrial park Košice Šaca

Project IPSA is based on the long-time experience in industrial development.

The idea of this project is to offer the space in Eastern Slovakia with maximum available technical and transport infrastructure to potential clients (investors) from the area of production, logistic or other sphere where they can develop their activities. The offered service includes also the turn-key development in co-operation with companies Ingos, a.s. and VASSAL Group a.s.

By dividing this acronym into the original form ( I = Industrial P = Park SA = Šaca - city district of Košíce) we get an explicit answer to the question , what does this project represent.

IPSA a.s.
Hlavná 75
040 01 Košice

T: +421 55 622 36 63
F: +421 55 622 36 63

IČO: 44 451 199
IČ DPH: SK 2022708941