Course of trade

  • industrial park is divided into logistic and industrial part
  • logistic part of the project has been developed in cooperation with the company PointParkProperties
  • there are assembly or assembly-storage halls for both short and long term lease available for the logistic part of the project
  • industrial part offers production-storage halls for either long term lease or purchase after the final inspection
  • execution of the halls in the industrial part will only be possible according to the client’s requirements, designed in compliance with required standard and production technology
  • price quotation is always submited for the actual potential client based on client’s requirements for the level of execution and equipment of each of the halls
  • exclusive real estate partner representing the company IPSA in the industrial part of the project, is the company KINGSTURGE


IPSA a.s.
Hlavná 75
040 01 Košice

T: +421 55 622 36 63
F: +421 55 622 36 63

IČO: 44 451 199
IČ DPH: SK 2022708941